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Today, people are more likely to be busy with their mobile phones, even in vital moments. The average hour that users can use smart phones is about 5 hours a day that most of this time involved most apps and websites. Dependence on these conditions that is constantly growing is far from avoiding avoidance in the human society. In the meantime, mobile apps make more use of mobile every day. In addition, social networking apps are the most used among people who are use for communication, entertainment, and business. However, today fewer business people in the world are not familiar with the benefits of using the app next to their work. In the design of the app, there is the difference between good apps with a bad app that is often in the quality of its user experience (UX). A good user experience is that isolates successful programs from those unsuccessful programs.

Mobile users are expecting many applications today:

They are High loading speed, ease of use and easy access for the user, fun while interacting with it, and attractive graphical interface design. If you want to have a successful app, you should consider the product strategy aspect in addition to absorbing through the graphical interface. There is another important point in designing an application that is the client's organizational goals, which should organize in the best way. In this regard, creating ideas and providing the needs of the organization in the best possible manner possible with good user experience and graphical interface and the overlapping of all elements, creating a good and suitable app will have a great impact for product branding and ultimate goal. This will keep you loyal to the app with the speed and quality of its users. In addition, the design of the app can get you faster with the goal and get more familiar with your products and services. Dexsharp is a good place to design and build apps for Android and iOS.