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Office automation

Office automation refers to a variety of computer and software applications that used for digitization, processes such as collect, store, manage information for offices to carry out basic tasks of the organization electronically. (It integrates the administrative work that usually related to information management)

The basic activities of an office automation system include storage of raw data, electronic transmission, and electronic business information management. Office automation helps to optimize and automate the administrative processes available in the organization. The main column of office automation is the LAN, which allows the user to transfer data to the user. All office activities sent over the network such as processing of written, visual, and audio data. All administrative tasks placed in this category that include write, record, copy, fax telex, microfilm, data exchange, numerical control, schedule meeting and manage records, and ... Office automation has developed to provide tools for simplify, improve, and automate the organization's activities, including administrative data management, meet coordination, and so on.

Software packages that introduced in the world as office automation includes: AppleWorks، Corel WordPerfect، Microsoft Office وSun Star Office. In general, it is the evolution of the Secretariat system what it refers to as the office automation system, which used to replace the handwritten method and the correspondence number included the types of administrative letters. Today, software systems designed with a view to mechanizing organizational correspondence for office automation in Iran includes the circulation of forms, letters, in general, administrative correspondence inside and outside an organization. It is an important part of the operation of the organization in organizations such as government agencies and services.

Advantages of office automation:

- Office automation can perform more tasks at a faster rate.

- It destroys need a great employee.

- Less memory is required to store data.

- Several people can update the data at the same time if the program changes.