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Web design is based on expertise, knowledge, creativity, innovation, art and the power to build coordination between them. Today, due to the ever-increasing number of internet users and the transformation of the virtual world into a market with special potential, it has attracted a lot of attention from companies, business owners and ... , which makes web design a priority for them. When a website is designed professionally based on the principles and coordination of the components to create specialty in the eyes of the audience, in addition to have a significant impact on the audience's satisfaction.

Website or social networks?

The massive amount of contacts on social networks has led business owners to take their businesses seriously and widely in to these social networks. Although ,what can not be ignored is the power of marketing in these social networks, because it can be really efficient if you have a right management on them, But is it just enough to introduce products and communicate with users of this space? No, because social networks will only help you to communicate better with your audience. One of the biggest problems in these networks are, lack of quick and easy conditions for those who want to buy your products and the lack of guarantees for the permanent deployment of social networks.

The impact of having a website on businesses:

Boost your business in a short and cost effective way Companies, business owners and traditional businesses have begun to advertise broadly to introduce their brands, services and products to raise their earnings and credibility. Website design is one of the most efficient and most effective types of advertising, in addition to over-the-counter advertising through cyberspace which provides access to the majority of people in the context of the growing use of the Internet, and it gives credit and value to your business. Because numerous users and audiences are looking for the Internet to get their goods and services they need, Under these circumstances, with these conditions, we can not ignore the power of having a good and strong website in raising the chance of being seen and chosen. Even successful traditional businesses know that ignoring the fact that the Internet has provided the new background in rapid and optimal development can put them in a very difficult conditions in the near future, because only with denying it,they allow their rivals to make the most of the largest selling market for self-promotion and surpassing them. Dexsharp Web Design Company, with using its experiences, thorough research on various businesses and the use of innovative and creatively techniques in web design, we can help you in a targeted and personal presence. Our experienced and creative team is ready to make eyes stare at you with our beautiful and functional designs.

Designing an e-commerce:

Designing an e-commerce needs your expertise and uses the methods of the day for direct and uninterrupted supply of your products. Our experienced and creative team, will help you create your own shopping website in harmony with your expertise with its experience in digital marketing, because of the large volume of various shopping websites, it is time-consuming and difficult to use the appropriate visual elements to compete. Dexsharp Web Design Company, will provide an appropriate and robust hosting platform for presence and competition with using the international standard principles and rules in designing a Web shop. Keep in mind, however, that a website must be able to expand in order to be responsive to a large number of customers and to be able to offer new products in the future. The different tastes of users of each generation and the advancement of technology indicate that we need to constantly update and synchronize our websites.

Factors and expertise required in designing a website:

1- Expertise

In designing a website, there will be different people with different specializations; each of them has a particular role in the design of your website. Dexsharp Web Design Company will begin the process by giving your order in the form of a project to the experts.Our experts will finalize your project in a structured, coordinated way using programmers, analysts, web designers, and supporters. Dexsharp Co. has been working professionally for several years in the field of web design and it brought together a professional and experienced team to form a coordinated and integrated group to present the best work possible for our customers. We will be with you dear customers, from giving some advises which is the first step in designing your website, to setting up and running that final step and to make you professional and powerful in the virtual environment. The Digital Marketing and Marketing Specialists of Dexsharp are ready to provide professional suggestions to enhance your ability to succeed even more in your business.

2- Factors

2-1 Responsive design
Your audience will not only follow you by their home computers. The presence of smart phones, laptops, and even a variety of home screens will mean that your website, in addition to its elegant and functional design, needs to run properly on any device and display setting. Therefore, it is very important that your site will be responsive, Desksharp’s team consider the importance of placing it as a part of web designing.
2-2 Loading pace
Another thing that needs to be considered in web designing is the loading speed of the site by different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and etc. Satisfaction of the audience will greatly be affected by the loading pace of your website.
2-3 SEO and site optimization
SEO and site optimization are another factor that needs to be mentioned in web design and it is actually one of the main factors. Dexsharp Web Design Company designs websites by the latest standards and technologies of the day, and will examine the most important structural rules in SEO and optimizing the website with the benefit of the most expert SEO analysts, that designed website approved with the highest standards of search engines and the highest rating. Dexsharp Web Design Co. is committed to provide the best quality service for our dear customers.

Corporate Website Design:

An appropriate visual design and professional design is critical for showing a company's business. Designing a functional website should be done in such a way that it brings out the best of the company and make it memorable for the customer. A corporate web site hosts a significant number of visitors, most of them are not familiar with the type of the company and they are visiting for the first time and only through a website, so the design of the web site should be such that it would attract the referring person through the first visit and turn them in to regular customers. A company website reflects the company's credibility and value for visitors.

Why Dedicated Web design?

Designing a website will only be the start of a huge transformation in your business. It is very difficult and time-consuming in this new and modern world, especially in cyberspace, which has transformed the real world into a small, content-rich village to find your path alone. Overcoming competitors and moving on towards success requires features and tools to create a distinction between you and other competitors. Designing a dedicated and innovative website will help you differentiate between yourself and others, and a unique way to go global ! Dexsharp is the top web design company in the field of designing unique and innovative websites in Iran. Why is web design pricing significantly? Prices on web designs are one of the most important issues for dear employers. There are different prices for designing a website that would make business owners and managers confused in their choice.
This proverbial that says “Cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap”, it is a good example to express some low and very high prices that are very
unreasonable and unprofessional. Dexsharp's final prices are based on the services performed on your website and the presentation of the exact list, and so on, to make sure that our customers are respected.