Working process

Each project requires several steps from the start point to the end point to achieve the desired outcome. Dexhardt Company is planning and implementing all of these steps using our knowledge of our specialists will do. In the following, the process of doing a project will be explained.

Submit a request from you

You use the application form and send us the basic information and type of your business and your initial mentality.

Review requests by experts

Our experts will review your request as soon as possible and submit it to the Ideas section.

Ideas and Proposals Preparation

After a thorough review and ideas about your business, our experts will begin to prepare the proposal for you.

Send suggestion

Now your proposal that contains the right ideas and the right solutions to upgrade your business sent as a file and a print of it. We create solutions to bring ideas to life.

Creative idea

The first and most important step

Starting a project requires a specific, special, and creative idea that have something to say in competition with rivals. For the effectiveness of ideas and their right choice, give this important work to dexsharp ideas

Checking and matching ideas with conditions

The second and sensitive step

After the ideas are gathered, it's time to review their expertise. The sensitive part of the story is their careful examination of the current state of the internet market. You need to know whether the ideas are suitable for the present and future or not? Because so many ideas have been effective for a while and have disappeared after a little while because of not thinking about the future. So many ideas may be appealing in the first moment but removed after careful examination.

Budgeting, Cost Forecast, Advertising and Marketing

The third step is a determinative step

Now that we know what we want, it's time to measure and match our budget with respect to costs. Many people may think that advertising and marketing should start after the project finishes, while marketing and advertising are important to pull you forward and it must be perfectly optimal, accurate and predictable. Advertising and marketing should have a high return on its cost so there is a need to experts in this field that you can also take advantage of the Dexsharp team experience in digital marketing and internet marketing.

Right Choice

Step Four, Specialized Steps

After all the basic steps, now it's time to choose the right one what do we need? Does our idea need a website, what kind of website? Is the mobile app responsive? Should we have automation? Or all of these technologies are needed for our work? Naturally, this section is very specialized and will have a great impact on your business in the future. So on this, there must be proper, honest and professional advice that fortunately, Our team has great expertise in this field and can show to you the right way and bring you to what you are achieving in your business.